I wake up everyday with ideas I don't ask for. I don't ask to arrive to them, they come to me as natural as I breathe.

each idea so grand.
so needed, so random
so large, I'd fear them often.
how do i achieve...should i? is it what i want? success?
90% of those times, I'd lay paralyzed with options.

well, on this day, I woke strangely alive.

the sun whispered onto my skin.
it begged to feature in a photograph with me. 
and I snapped.
-its the least I could do-
so we shared a frame. 
and there it was cure arrived manifested. 
I had no clue what would turn out, but it's allure arrived strange and beautifully
like success;
once seen, great to feel, hard to keep.
but I knew I arrived at a form of completion.
this time, I grabbed an idea I wanted to keep.

so small yet so grand.
so relevant yet so universal.

I am what I do.
not all I think, not all my choices, not all my ideas.

I knew it was time to leave, move, time to explore.
find more successes to arrive to.